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Are USB Flash Drives Re-writable?

It is important to keep in mind when using USB flash drives, that none of the files are permanent unless you lock them and purposely make them a permanent file on the drive, unable to be deleted. That being said, many people ask if USB flash drives are re-writable or not, and the answer is – yes.

USB flash drives are completely re-writable and you can update the contents on them by simply deleting the files from the drive. USB flash drives are made up of flash memory and data storage devices of the NAND-type, and are integrated with the interface USB, which stands for Universal Serial Bus, hence the name USB Flash Drive.

The storage capacity and type of USB drives is one that makes them easy to alter and change the files that are stored on them, so USB drives are re-writable and files are removable.

Most business professionals, teachers, and students use USB drives to store information or files, and have a means of easily transporting them from one place to another; like from home to school, or work to an off-site meeting. However, some major corporations may need the contents on their USB flash drives to be permanent, in order for mass distribution and protection that no one will alter the file. If you are looking to delete files, it is best to back them up first, just in case.

Premier Promo NOW is a local supplier of custom, bulk order USB flash drives for businesses in South Florida. If you are ordering USB drives for your company and need them data pre-loaded, need permanent files stored on each one, or need some guidance with removing and rewriting your USB drives, our expert staff can help. Contact us today for help!


Cool & Custom USB Flash Drives for Branding

Big brands like Nike, Gatorade, Taco Bell, and more know how to advertise and how to do it better than the competition. These brands all have one thing in common for their success – innovation and thinking outside of the box so that consumers not just purchase their product, but so they become a household brand that everyone knows. Cool and custom USB flash drives are more than just a simple promotional product, they create a brand message, a brand image, a statement that “we are here, we are not going anywhere, and we do everything better than the competition”. Take their custom USB flash drives for example; they represent the company culture, they represent fun, and they represent innovation.


nike_usb_drive taco_bell_usb_drive




Arm your business with something that the competition doesn’t have; arm your business with cool USB flash drives and custom, awesome promotional products that makes a statement about your brand. Create cool USB flash drives in Fort Lauderdale and South Florida with Premier Promo NOW. Our company creates custom USB flash drives printed with whatever your message may be. Looking for custom-shaped USB drives? Not a problem – just contact us and let us know exactly what you are looking for and we will make sure that we have it in stock for your order and for bulk order if desired. Your local business CAN stand out from the rest; get creative with cool, custom USB flash drives for giveaways, new clients, promotional events, or just for you to use as a conversation starter!

Custom Wooden USB Flash Drives for Photographers

Wood USB flash drives are all the rage for photographers right now. Portfolios of print work used to be in actual print, but now, photographers are using online photo galleries to showcase their work, and on-the-go digital copies via USB flash drives in order to give their clients a copy of their photos.

For wedding photographers especially, custom wooden USB flash drives are the most popular USB drive style to have printed with the couple’s name and wedding date, to create the perfect keepsake. However, for other photographers, custom wooden USB flash drives provide a rustic, modern, earthy, organic way of presenting your portfolio to clients.

Which kinds of custom wooden USB flash drives for photographers are there to choose from? The most popular styles and variations are:


All wooden USB flash drives for photographers come in a variety of wood types like oak finish, redwood, and more. Contact Premier Promo NOW to create a custom batch of wooden USB flash drives in the finish you desire, with laser engraved text as well.

Using a Custom USB Flash Drive As A Resume / Cover Letter

In today’s day and age, it can be very difficult to land a job, especially when it’s your dream job or a highly competitive position. With hundreds of applicants, how can you stand out from the rest? Millennials are already getting creative with modern, menu-style resumes, submitting their custom WordPress site that showcases their digital skills and presents a modern resume that stands out from the crowd when compared to the boring paper submissions. So, how can you stand out more? Create a USB flash drive resume and / or cover letter!

It sounds more difficult than you think, but Premier Promo NOW, a promotional product company in Fort Lauderdale, shares everything you need to know about creating a custom USB flash drive as a resume and cover letter to showcase your creativity, imagination, and desire for the job.

  1. Select a Credit Card Style USB flash drive that you like.
  2. Create imagery and text that you would like displayed – you have two sides that you can custom design to match your personality.
  3. Have a promotional product company like Premier Promo NOW print the imagery and text you designed for the front and back. Make sure it has a catchy headline that makes you stand out from the rest.
  4. The company you choose should be able to data pre-load your USB with the files you would like on it. Make sure that they include an awesome resume, a very catchy and fun cover letter that showcases your personality and is not cookie cutter like you copied and pasted the company name in a generic letter, as well as a link to your website or portfolio of work.
  5. To make your custom USB flash drive resume even more special, you can choose a USB drive case to present it in. Wrap it up like a gift and give them the gift of a (hopefully) new employee!

Designing Your Own USB Drives

Designing your own USB drives has never been easier with promotional product companies like Premier Promo NOW in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Whether you own a local business, are part of a large brand, run a non-profit organization, local youth sports team, or have an event you need custom products for, custom designed USB flash drives are perfect for any occasion! The following is a short guide to designing your own USB flash drives.


  1. Select a popular USB flash drive style. The most popular USB drive styles are Curved Style, ES Style, Highlighter Style, and Swivel Style. However, wood style USB drives and even custom-shaped USB drives are more unique and modern, so choose the best that suits your specific needs.
  2. Create the image and/or text to be displayed. What is your message? What do you want your consumers, family, friends, or event guests to remember about the event and your brand message? If you don’t have a logo, now may be the perfect time to create a catchy logo and have it printed on your bulk order of USB drives for your event or promotion.
  3. Get your USB drives printed and ordered in bulk. Find a local, marketing printing company that you can order your custom USB drives through.
  4. Opt for custom packaging to compliment your drives. There are many packing options for USB drives to amp the presentation of your custom designed USB drives.
  5. Place your custom USBs in their packaging and Voila! You are ready to make a great impression for your company, at your next event, for family and friends, special occasions, or for a local non-profit.

Custom Shaped USB Flash Drives Take Marketing by Storm

Do you own a local business? Own a major brand like Nike or Sky Vodka? Regardless of how large or small your business is, custom-shaped USB flash drives are taking marketing by storm, becoming one of the top, go-to marketing and promotional products for giveaways, events, expos, and more!

Premier Promo NOW is a top local creator and supplier of custom-shaped USB flash drives in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and the following are some of the very best uses we have seen custom-shaped USB drives used for.

  • Business Cards. That’s right, companies today are all about standing out from the rest, which means getting creative about how you network and showcase your brand when some random person at the grocery store asks. When someone asks for your business card (or you give them one courtesy in discussion if they could use your services), give them the one business card they won’t throw away, give them the one business card they have never received before, give them a custom-shaped USB business card flash drive that has your business logo printed on the front, a catchy headline, and your contact information printed on the back; no matter who you give it to, they will want to use your business.


  • Colorful Wristbands. This custom-shaped USB flash drive is taking marketing by storm simply because it is convenient, stylish, and perfect for children and teens. Wristband USB flash drives come in a variety of colors; from blue, red, green, yellow, pink, orange, and purple, the possibilities are endless. Every brand has colors it needs to match, but think outside of the box and print your logo on some pink, purple, yellow, and bright green wristband USB drives for an eye-catching promotional product to use at events and expos, a bright promotional product that everyone will want a handful of for their kids and friends, all while promoting your brand! With the flash drive hidden inside, it’s the perfect solution for a USB drive people can add to their keychains or wear around their wrist when they need its contents.

Premier Promo NOW is located in Plantation, Florida, but creates custom USB flash drives for businesses in Fort Lauderdale, Miami, and more. We can help you create the most unique promotional and marketing products to take your brand to the next level. Contact us today to get started!

Custom USB Flash Drives for Wedding Photographers

When it comes to your special day, you want everything to go flawlessly, especially your wedding photos. With wedding season just around the corner, Premier Promo NOW is gearing up to supply wedding photographers in South Florida with the best, custom USB flash drives for their upcoming wedding gigs.

The two most common USB flash drives for wedding photographers are the Wood Zippo Style USB Flash Drive and the Swivel Style USB Flash Drive with a metal swivel. Either of these options can be customized with the bride and groom’s initials, wedding date, last name, and intricate detailing – for a custom USB drive that stores all of their most precious photos and memories of their special day.

If you are a wedding photographer, you can get a better deal if you order USB drives in bulk, then have them laser printed or engraved as you book projects. Premier Promo NOW makes custom USB flash drives in Fort Lauderdale for wedding photographers to give the bride and groom a special drive filled with their photos, rather than an impersonal drive that has nothing on it.

Once you have ordered bulk USB drives for your photography business, be sure to order USB packaging as well to add an extra special touch to the delivery of your work.

#MMW and Ultra Music Festival Draws Photographers to South Florida!

If you think that Miami Music Week and Ultra Music Festival is all about the music…think again! One reason why the music fest is so cherished and well-advertised is thanks to hundreds of photographers who make their way to MMW and Ultra each year to document celebrity sightings and hope to catch a glimpse of some juicy gossip, or just a really awesome laser light display showcasing the event.

Last year’s Ultra Music Festival alone brought in over 300,000 people, including recognizable names like Kygo, Steve Aoki, Tiesto, Afrojack, David Guetta, Busta Rhymes, Paris Hilton, Calvin Harris, Wiz Khalifa, The Chainsmokers, Lil Wayne, Usher, and many, many more. But perhaps the most notable, yet unrecognizable names are the photographers behind the scenes of Miami Music Week and Ultra Music Festival. Out of hundreds to thousands of photographers from all over the world who travel to the yearly festivals, only a select few are actually dubbed photographers of Ultra Music Festival.

Premier Promo NOW is a top seller of custom USB flash drives for photographers in South Florida, who order USB drives to store their precious, prized photos capturing the amazing music week. The most note-worthy photographers for Ultra Music Festival are:

  • Rutger Geerling
  • Drew “Rukes” Ressler
  • Doug Van Sant
  • Christopher Lazzaro
  • Heidie Duteweert
  • Calder Wilson
  • Barrie Martelle

In this article highlighting the photographers of Ultra Music Festival, Rebecca Britt shares each photographer’s favorite equipment to use for event, which Premier Promo NOW hopes included a USB flash drive for photographers that comes chalk-full of storage space so no moment goes uncaptured.

Ditch the DVD: Showcase Your Photography with Custom USB Drives

To put it mildly, no one uses DVDs anymore. DVD presentations for photos have been unpopular since 2011. If you have not done so already, it’s time to go modern, ditch the DVD, and showcase and sell your photos with USB drives.

Premier Promo NOW is a promotional product and marketing product company located in Plantation, Florida. Over the years, we have worked with countless photographers throughout South Florida and the Tri-County area, helping them streamline their brand with promotional products that carry across the same message and style. The following are the top reasons to ditch DVDs and consider investing in custom USB flash drives for photographers.

  1. Set a tone for your brand. By creating custom USB flash drives for your photography business in Fort Lauderdale, you help set the tone for your brand. Showcase what sets you apart with custom USB drives.
  2. Showcase your style and talent. When you create custom wood USB drives, you have a chance to engrave whatever you want on them, so make sure that your logo or font showcases your style.
  3. Give customers a secure portfolio of their photos. Rather than giving customers or clients a link to their photos online, that they then have to download and save on their own, give them a secure USB drive that is personal to them and they can keep forever.
  4. Order USB drives in bulk to save your business some money. When you are a small business owner or a local photographer, unlimited funds are typically not an option. Save your photography business some money and order USB drives in bulk, then send them to us to be engraved when you contract a new client.

Branded, Custom Wood USB Drives for Photographers

Branded, custom wood USB drives are popular for photographers because they lend the perfect representation of the style of photography. Regardless of what kind of photographer you are and what you photograph, you can create custom wooden USB drives to suit your style and add your brand logo to give your clients the ultimate gift ever – photos securely stored on a USB drive, all wrapped up in cute packaging.

USB flash drives for photographers come in a variety of wood styles and colors. Choose from a dark wood and have a black, edgy, smokey logo engraved on one side, or choose a lighter oak finish for a more delicate look suitable for wedding and baby shower photographers in South Florida.

By choosing branded, custom wood USB drives for photographers in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, you are creating brand awareness and streamlining your packaging and presentation. Premier Promo NOW can engrave your brand logo on a custom wood USB drive of your choice of wood finish and color to match your website’s colors, your print marketing colors, envelope color, as well as USB cloth bag colors, so your brand has a look like no other and is professional in every aspect.

Now more than ever, photographers are using custom USB flash drives stored in decorative USB boxes to showcase their favorite print off the drive. Simply print your favorite, edited photo from the drive and place in a decorative photographer box along with the USB drive. Photographer boxes are a beautiful way to personalize your services.

Are you a photographer in Fort Lauderdale who is more the techy-type? Wedding photographers in South Florida are notorious for immediately uploading photos from a USB to a tablet for viewing during the reception. By already having a custom USB flash drive on-hand before the wedding, loading the photos is simple and easy to have ready for the bride, groom, wedding party, and all guests to view during the reception.

Regardless of your style, Premier Promo NOW has got all USB flash drives for photographers covered. Contact us today to create a custom order to be ready by tomorrow!

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