Are USB Flash Drives Re-writable?

It is important to keep in mind when using USB flash drives, that none of the files are permanent unless you lock them and purposely make them a permanent file on the drive, unable to be deleted. That being said, many people ask if USB flash drives are re-writable or not, and the answer is – yes.

USB flash drives are completely re-writable and you can update the contents on them by simply deleting the files from the drive. USB flash drives are made up of flash memory and data storage devices of the NAND-type, and are integrated with the interface USB, which stands for Universal Serial Bus, hence the name USB Flash Drive.

The storage capacity and type of USB drives is one that makes them easy to alter and change the files that are stored on them, so USB drives are re-writable and files are removable.

Most business professionals, teachers, and students use USB drives to store information or files, and have a means of easily transporting them from one place to another; like from home to school, or work to an off-site meeting. However, some major corporations may need the contents on their USB flash drives to be permanent, in order for mass distribution and protection that no one will alter the file. If you are looking to delete files, it is best to back them up first, just in case.

Premier Promo NOW is a local supplier of custom, bulk order USB flash drives for businesses in South Florida. If you are ordering USB drives for your company and need them data pre-loaded, need permanent files stored on each one, or need some guidance with removing and rewriting your USB drives, our expert staff can help. Contact us today for help!


Designing Your Own USB Drives

Designing your own USB drives has never been easier with promotional product companies like Premier Promo NOW in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Whether you own a local business, are part of a large brand, run a non-profit organization, local youth sports team, or have an event you need custom products for, custom designed USB flash drives are perfect for any occasion! The following is a short guide to designing your own USB flash drives.


  1. Select a popular USB flash drive style. The most popular USB drive styles are Curved Style, ES Style, Highlighter Style, and Swivel Style. However, wood style USB drives and even custom-shaped USB drives are more unique and modern, so choose the best that suits your specific needs.
  2. Create the image and/or text to be displayed. What is your message? What do you want your consumers, family, friends, or event guests to remember about the event and your brand message? If you don’t have a logo, now may be the perfect time to create a catchy logo and have it printed on your bulk order of USB drives for your event or promotion.
  3. Get your USB drives printed and ordered in bulk. Find a local, marketing printing company that you can order your custom USB drives through.
  4. Opt for custom packaging to compliment your drives. There are many packing options for USB drives to amp the presentation of your custom designed USB drives.
  5. Place your custom USBs in their packaging and Voila! You are ready to make a great impression for your company, at your next event, for family and friends, special occasions, or for a local non-profit.

Custom Shaped USB Flash Drives Take Marketing by Storm

Do you own a local business? Own a major brand like Nike or Sky Vodka? Regardless of how large or small your business is, custom-shaped USB flash drives are taking marketing by storm, becoming one of the top, go-to marketing and promotional products for giveaways, events, expos, and more!

Premier Promo NOW is a top local creator and supplier of custom-shaped USB flash drives in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and the following are some of the very best uses we have seen custom-shaped USB drives used for.

  • Business Cards. That’s right, companies today are all about standing out from the rest, which means getting creative about how you network and showcase your brand when some random person at the grocery store asks. When someone asks for your business card (or you give them one courtesy in discussion if they could use your services), give them the one business card they won’t throw away, give them the one business card they have never received before, give them a custom-shaped USB business card flash drive that has your business logo printed on the front, a catchy headline, and your contact information printed on the back; no matter who you give it to, they will want to use your business.


  • Colorful Wristbands. This custom-shaped USB flash drive is taking marketing by storm simply because it is convenient, stylish, and perfect for children and teens. Wristband USB flash drives come in a variety of colors; from blue, red, green, yellow, pink, orange, and purple, the possibilities are endless. Every brand has colors it needs to match, but think outside of the box and print your logo on some pink, purple, yellow, and bright green wristband USB drives for an eye-catching promotional product to use at events and expos, a bright promotional product that everyone will want a handful of for their kids and friends, all while promoting your brand! With the flash drive hidden inside, it’s the perfect solution for a USB drive people can add to their keychains or wear around their wrist when they need its contents.

Premier Promo NOW is located in Plantation, Florida, but creates custom USB flash drives for businesses in Fort Lauderdale, Miami, and more. We can help you create the most unique promotional and marketing products to take your brand to the next level. Contact us today to get started!

How to Make Creative Marketing Supplies

If there is one thing that rings true today, it is that traditional print marketing is on its way out, but not quite yet. Most businesses still use print marketing in order market locally or even within their own establishments. Print marketing may come in the form of brochures, pamphlets, posters, fliers, and more. Premier Promo NOW is a print marketing company in Plantation, Florida that helps businesses print promotional products. Although our company does not print brochures, there are a few simple steps for creative, promotional marketing supplies that can be applied to all forms of promotional products and print marketing.

  1. Keep it Simple. The very best marketing supplies are not over-thought.
  2. Consider the functionality when creating promotional products and marketing supplies.
  3. Simple Shapes. Use simple shapes like squares, circles, octagon, etc. Use shapes against blank space to create a design out of the shapes.
  4. Element of Surprise. Think outside of the box. Even if you are printing a brochure, how can you make it creative? Can it be folded in a certain way to make it stand out?

Making creative marketing supplies is what Premier Promo NOW does best. Our promotional product company and experts help local businesses and major brands in Fort Lauderdale, Sunrise, Plantation, and all of South Florida market their brand effectively and creatively through custom USB flash drives, lanyards, keychains, promotional pens and more. Have an idea for creative marketing supplies for your brand? Contact us today and let us help turn your idea into action!

Promotional Gifts for Non-Profits

Non-profits are amazing organizations. They often serve a purpose that benefits the community or an industry and are comprised of volunteers. Since non-profits volunteer their time to maintain the organization and host events, sponsors and brands help non-profits fill the financial gap by offering to put their brand name on an event, sponsor it, and provide some promotional item to help the non-profit out. It’s a win-win scenario.

Premier Promo NOW has provided promotional products to brands, small businesses, and non-profits in Fort Lauderdale, Florida for years. Our expert staff can help your brand create the perfect promotional gifts for non-profits to be able to use, or create inexpensive promotional items for non-profits to be able to purchase and not go over budget.

If you are president of a local non-profit organization in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, efficient and affordable promotional products are a great way to say thanks to volunteers and donors, as well as try and recruit more and spread awareness. The following are just a few promotional gifts for non-profits.

Allow your non-profit to thrive with promotional products that are affordable and can promote your cause. Premier Promo NOW in Fort Lauderdale will help you create custom promotional products for your non-profit, at a great price! Contact us today for more information.

Must-Have Promotional Items for Expos

Expos are an amazing way to get your brand name out there. Even if you are not looking to franchise, take your company to a franchise expo and see what services you could maybe offer either the brands there or franchisees looking to buy.

What does your company do? What industry are you in? Research the top conferences, conventions, summits, and local chamber of commerce events to see how your brand could fit into the event, and be sure to bring a ton of promotional items with you.

If your company is looking to attend an expo, conference, convention, or local event, Premier Promo NOW has the must-have promotional items to customize and bring with you.

  1. Lanyards. If your funds allow, try to be the lanyard sponsor for the event. Being the lanyard sponsor means that everyone who registered for the event will be given a name tag attached to a lanyard that has none other than your brand’s name and logo printed on. Lanyards are literally walking advertisements, so be sure to take advantage of this opportunity when you can, for any event you attend. The great part about this type of event sponsorship is that you can order lanyards in bulk for a very affordable price.
  2. Promotional pens are a staple promotional product. Nearly every company you meet, no matter how large or small, has custom promotional pens. Why? Because they are an inexpensive way to get your brand name in front of consumers’ faces every single day. Any business exec or office employee has a stash of pens – make sure that your promo pen is in that stash by bulk ordering pens with your brand logo and business contact information printed on them, to take with you to expos.
  3. USB Flash Drives. Expos and conventions are where entrepreneurs converge; and most business execs and top employees need data storage. Creating custom USB flash drives as a promotional product for expos, is a thoughtful and useful way of creating brand awareness. USB flash drives are typically not inexpensive, so you can bet that ordering bulk USB drives and passing them out at expos is a sure-fire way to make sure that your promotional products are not making their way into the trash.

2017’s Top Promotional Products

The best selling promotional products, promotional items, and trade show giveaways are staple items that have stood the test of time. Premier Promo NOW in Plantation, Florida is a leading provider of custom promotional products for businesses in South Florida, and our expert team is always aware of the hottest trends in promotional products and trade show giveaways. The following are just some of the top promotional items that brands will be using in 2017.

  1. Fun Promotional Pens. Promotional pens are always a go-to promotional item for brands because they are very affordable. Simply choose a promotional pen style, send your business logo and text to a supply company that does printing as well, and place a bulk order to get the most bang for the buck.
  2. Sunglasses are all the rage right now when it comes to promotional items. As millennial startups increase, we can expect 2017’s top promotional item to be custom sunglasses for giveaways at trade shows, expos, conventions, and events.
  3. Car Chargers and Power Banks. Everyone needs a car charger or a power bank, so when you think about top promotional products of 2017, think about how connected the world is every day and how everyone uses a smartphone or laptop charger on the go. Giving promotional items that people will use rather than throw away is the key to making sure that you are not wasting business revenue on promotional products that people really don’t like. Bulk order custom USB power bank chargers with your business logo screen printed on them.


For more promotional products for your business in Plantation, Florida, be sure to check out Premier Promo NOW or contact us today.


Engage Employees with Promotional Products

Promotional products are often under-appreciated and overlooked by companies. Startups and small, local businesses may think that they are a waste of money that could go elsewhere, but promotional products do more for your company than you may realize.

Premier Promo NOW is a provider of custom promotional products in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and our company knows just how powerful promotional items can be for brands, no matter how big or small. Promotional products can engage not only your customers, but also your employees.

If you own a company that is primarily comprised of remote employees, promotional products can be used in so many ways to engage them; like sending them custom office supplies with your business logo on it, attached with their contact information so they can give them to potential clients in their area. Have a cool event going on? Send your remote employees some gear to rock in their areas, they will love being kept in the loop and feel special that you thought of them.

If you own a small business and your employees are in-house, let them be part of the creative process behind customizing your brand promotional products. Your employees may know your industry more than you or work with customers more to know what they would be attracted to, so gather the input from your employee team and let them create the promotional products’ designs for the office.

Engage both remote and in-house employees with promotional products that show them that you care. Create some custom designs and send them to Premier Promo NOW to get them printed on promotional USB flash drives, pens, car chargers and more.

Converting USB to HDMI

Many people attempt to connect their numerous electronic devices, like computers and portable media players, and computers to televisions so they can display their favorite videos and even live-stream movies on a larger screen. Although most devices have a USB port, only some televisions and devices have an HDMI port.

Premier Promo NOW is a top provider of custom bulk order USB flash drives for local businesses in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. If you have already purchased USB flash drives for your office and are looking for a way to display your documents or media on a television or projector screen in the conference room, you can connect an HDMI cable to the USB port with a USB to HDMI converter box.

Before connecting the HDMI converter box, you should install any software that may come with it if you are using it with a computer. Then follow these steps:

  1. Insert HDMI cable into port on the television or device you are looking to connect to.
  2. Insert the other end of HDMI cable into HDMI port on the converter box.
  3. Insert the USB cable into the “USB/USB In” port on the converter box. This part will be unnecessary if the converter comes with a built in USB cable.
  4. Plug the USB connection into the device in which you are trying to get media to the device with the HDMI – so plug the USB connection into your laptop if you are connecting your laptop to a television to play media or display documents.

For any questions on how to use your USB flash drives after ordering from Premier Promo NOW, contact us today.

Thumb Drive vs. USB Drive: What’s the Difference

Premier Promo NOW is a company in Fort Lauderdale, Florida that creates custom promotional products for major brands and local businesses. Although we are not a tech company, we often hear “what is the difference between a thumb drive and a USB flash drive?” and the majority of people have no idea that the two are, in fact, different. So, what is the difference between a thumb drive and a USB drive?

A flash drive is a compact USB memory drive that acts like a portable hard drive. You can store data on it and transfer it from one computer to the next.

USB flash drives hold a great deal of information, up to 1T (terabyte) or 512GB (gigabyte) options are available online.

The difference between thumb drives and flash drives comes from security and protection. Thumb drives come with a protection feature called write protection. This means that the flash drive has a switch on the bottom of the drive that allows it to be locked or unlocked for write access. When it is unlocked, you are able to write data to the thumb drive, but when it is locked, you can only read the data. This helps make sure that you do not delete files from your flash drive.

Both thumb drives and USB flash drives store information the same, whether it be documents, pictures, videos, music, and more. Both are small and portable, and compatible with nearly every desktop computer, laptop, or tablet.

Premier Promo NOW has 8GB to 512MG size USB flash drives that can be custom printed with your business logo and ordered in bulk for your office. Are you a local business in Sunrise, Florida? Order by 1pm and receive next day delivery!

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