Creating Promotional Products for Free Samples

Running a business is no easy feat, especially when you are just starting out and looking for ways to create brand awareness, you are likely looking for inexpensive ways to promote your brand – like social media. For businesses who are already established and have a great budget for marketing and promotional items, consider creating promotional products for free samples.

Premier Promo NOW creates custom promotional products for brands and businesses in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The following are some popular options for promotional products to give away as free samples.

  1. Promotional pens. Promotional pens are great products for free samples because people will actually use them and hopefully not throw them away.
  2. USB flash drives. Custom order your favorite style of USB flash drives and have them printed with your business logo. USB drives are great free promotional products because USB drives are typically not cheap in stores, so ordering them in bulk and giving them away to potential clients at expos or promotional events is a thoughtful gift rather than just your business card.
  3. Keychains. Everyone uses keychains. You can hit two birds with one stone with this one by ordering USB flash drives that have a keyring.

Let Premier Promo NOW take your brand to the next level by helping you create the best free promotional products to give away as samples and spread brand awareness. Contact us today for more information!

Create Custom USB Flash Drives for Franchise Expos

WOW Potential Entrepreneurs at Franchise Expos with Custom USB Flash Drives

The Fort Lauderdale Franchise Expo is one of the largest in South Florida. If you are a local business looking to expand or a nationwide franchise looking for growth in the South Florida market, the one thing that holds true is you are going to need a great display booth and eye-catching materials to entice entrepreneurs, marketers, and local business representatives to stop and give you the time of day. As a leading promotional product company in Fort Lauderdale, Premier Promo NOW supplies custom promo items for local brands attending expos in the area. The number one promotional product for brands year after year is the brand logo printed USB flash drive.

By creating custom USB flash drives, you can create brand awareness, as well as give passersby the one promotional item they will not throw away. Although promotional pens are great, we eventually collect so many that we throw them away or use them and do not ever really look at which company the pen belongs to.

Custom USB flash drives with your brand logo printed on both sides, ensures that when someone is using your promotional item after leaving the franchise expo, they will see your company name, loud and clear.

USB flash drives are not always affordable when purchased in low quantity. Some specialty flash drives can cost over $60. With prices as low as $3 per USB drive, you can place a custom, bulk order for franchise expos and not feel guilty when everyone takes your USB drives at your promotional event, leaving you empty because your items were such a hit.

Make a name for yourself at the local franchise expos by brand logo printing your company name on USB drives to give away. Contact Premier Promo NOW today to start your custom order and choose from a wide variety of USB styles.

Promotional Power Banks FAQs

Power Banks: Frequently Asked Questions

Premier Promo Now supplies custom promotional products for numerous brands and businesses, and our promotional power banks raise the following questions:

  1. What can you charge with a power bank?
  • Premier Promo’s power banks can be used to charge your phone, tablet, and other electronic devices. Since power banks do not contain software, there is no need to worry about software compatibility.
  1. Does a higher capacity power bank charge faster than a lower capacity power bank?
  • No, a power bank’s charge speed is determined by the output of charge, not capacity. If output of charge is the same, within one hour, a lower capacity and a higher capacity power bank will provide the same amount of charge. So, what is the difference between a higher capacity power bank and one of lower capacity? Higher capacity power banks will charge more over time.
  1. What are the input and output ports?
  • The input port is used to charge the power bank with a micro USB connector. The output port is used to charge your cell phone, tablet, or other electronic devices using a standard USB connector.
  1. Does the power bank come with a cable?
  • Yes, power banks from Premier Promo Now come with a USB cable that is used only to charge the power bank itself. You may use your own device’s USB cable to charge your device.
  1. Can I use my USB car charger to charge my power bank?
  • Yes, just remember to unplug the power bank before turning on your car. It is possible for some power banks to not withstand the sudden peak of voltage that occurs when you ignite your car.


For more information on our power banks, check out our selection and customize yours with your brand logo today!

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