Designing Your Own USB Drives

Designing Your Own USB Drives

Designing your own USB drives has never been easier with promotional product companies like Premier Promo NOW in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Whether you own a local business, are part of a large brand, run a non-profit organization, local youth sports team, or have an event you need custom products for, custom designed USB flash drives are perfect for any occasion! The following is a short guide to designing your own USB flash drives.


  1. Select a popular USB flash drive style. The most popular USB drive styles are Curved Style, ES Style, Highlighter Style, and Swivel Style. However, wood style USB drives and even custom-shaped USB drives are more unique and modern, so choose the best that suits your specific needs.
  2. Create the image and/or text to be displayed. What is your message? What do you want your consumers, family, friends, or event guests to remember about the event and your brand message? If you don’t have a logo, now may be the perfect time to create a catchy logo and have it printed on your bulk order of USB drives for your event or promotion.
  3. Get your USB drives printed and ordered in bulk. Find a local, marketing printing company that you can order your custom USB drives through.
  4. Opt for custom packaging to compliment your drives. There are many packing options for USB drives to amp the presentation of your custom designed USB drives.
  5. Place your custom USBs in their packaging and Voila! You are ready to make a great impression for your company, at your next event, for family and friends, special occasions, or for a local non-profit.

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