Ditch the DVD: Showcase Your Photography with Custom USB Drives

Ditch the DVD: Showcase Your Photography with Custom USB Drives

To put it mildly, no one uses DVDs anymore. DVD presentations for photos have been unpopular since 2011. If you have not done so already, it’s time to go modern, ditch the DVD, and showcase and sell your photos with USB drives.

Premier Promo NOW is a promotional product and marketing product company located in Plantation, Florida. Over the years, we have worked with countless photographers throughout South Florida and the Tri-County area, helping them streamline their brand with promotional products that carry across the same message and style. The following are the top reasons to ditch DVDs and consider investing in custom USB flash drives for photographers.

  1. Set a tone for your brand. By creating custom USB flash drives for your photography business in Fort Lauderdale, you help set the tone for your brand. Showcase what sets you apart with custom USB drives.
  2. Showcase your style and talent. When you create custom wood USB drives, you have a chance to engrave whatever you want on them, so make sure that your logo or font showcases your style.
  3. Give customers a secure portfolio of their photos. Rather than giving customers or clients a link to their photos online, that they then have to download and save on their own, give them a secure USB drive that is personal to them and they can keep forever.
  4. Order USB drives in bulk to save your business some money. When you are a small business owner or a local photographer, unlimited funds are typically not an option. Save your photography business some money and order USB drives in bulk, then send them to us to be engraved when you contract a new client.

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