Drive Icon Installation for USB Flash Drives

Drive Icon Installation for USB Flash Drives

Assign a Personalized Drive Icon to Your USB Flash Drives Today!

USB flash drives come in many shapes and sizes, and numerous companies and major brands use them every single day. USB drives have become an easy and affordable way for brands, both large and small, to promote themselves and show their creativity, style, and even company culture, all reflected in a custom USB flash drive.

In order to kick it up a notch and really pack a punch when it comes to creating brand awareness with your USB flash drives, Premier Promo NOW offers personalized drive icon installation in South Florida. Creating custom drive icons is a great way for users to know which USB they are using at the time or have plugged in, especially if they work with multiple USBs throughout the day.

If you are already placing an order for a bulk order of custom, branded USB flash drives for your Fort Lauderdale business, simply send Premier Promo NOW your brand logo or an icon you would like to use, and we will install the drive icon onto all of your USB flash drives, and still uphold our same-day or next-day delivery!


Curious as to how Drive Icon Installation works?

  • Find a .ico file (icon file) you want to use. Most brands simply choose their favicon icon from their website and save that file.
  • Premier Promo NOW will save the .ico file in the correct format to put it on the root of your USB flash drives.
  • Then, our team will create a .txt file called autorun.inf in the root of the drive and put a code inside of it.
  • That’s it!


Premier Promo NOW is a local supplier of custom USB flash drives in Fort Lauderdale for all local brands, businesses, and the major corporations in town. Our team are experts when it comes to creating custom USB flash drives with your logo, contact information, and even installing a drive icon to make your USB really stand out.

Contact us today to create your custom USB drives and receive them via delivery either today or tomorrow!