Must-Have Promotional Items for Expos

Must-Have Promotional Items for Expos

Expos are an amazing way to get your brand name out there. Even if you are not looking to franchise, take your company to a franchise expo and see what services you could maybe offer either the brands there or franchisees looking to buy.

What does your company do? What industry are you in? Research the top conferences, conventions, summits, and local chamber of commerce events to see how your brand could fit into the event, and be sure to bring a ton of promotional items with you.

If your company is looking to attend an expo, conference, convention, or local event, Premier Promo NOW has the must-have promotional items to customize and bring with you.

  1. Lanyards. If your funds allow, try to be the lanyard sponsor for the event. Being the lanyard sponsor means that everyone who registered for the event will be given a name tag attached to a lanyard that has none other than your brand’s name and logo printed on. Lanyards are literally walking advertisements, so be sure to take advantage of this opportunity when you can, for any event you attend. The great part about this type of event sponsorship is that you can order lanyards in bulk for a very affordable price.
  2. Promotional pens are a staple promotional product. Nearly every company you meet, no matter how large or small, has custom promotional pens. Why? Because they are an inexpensive way to get your brand name in front of consumers’ faces every single day. Any business exec or office employee has a stash of pens – make sure that your promo pen is in that stash by bulk ordering pens with your brand logo and business contact information printed on them, to take with you to expos.
  3. USB Flash Drives. Expos and conventions are where entrepreneurs converge; and most business execs and top employees need data storage. Creating custom USB flash drives as a promotional product for expos, is a thoughtful and useful way of creating brand awareness. USB flash drives are typically not inexpensive, so you can bet that ordering bulk USB drives and passing them out at expos is a sure-fire way to make sure that your promotional products are not making their way into the trash.

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