Pantone Color Matching

Pantone Color Matching for Branded USB Flash Drives

Ensure the Perfect Color for your Custom USB Drives with Panton Color Matching Services

Pantone color matching is a term that most people have heard before when it comes to painting their homes. Pantone color sheets are used so you can find the exact shade and hue of the color you are looking for.

When it comes to creating custom, branded USB flash drives for your business, you want the color to be correct. Ensuring that your bulk order of USB flash drives are actually your company’s colors, will stand out when you put them on display for freebies at expos, conventions, and promotional events. Here at Premier Promo NOW, we value quality!

Premier Promo NOW cannot only create awesome USB flash drives for your brand that are sure to stand out from the rest, but we also do Pantone color matching if you require precise color matching for your business’ promotional products.


Pantone Color Matching

Our team knows that it is not easy to create a custom, bulk order of USB flash drives for cheap, which is why matching the color and making sure that your order of USBs is just right is a top priority for us. However, we do have a few guidelines:

  • Must be a Pantone color and not CMYK
  • $25 setup fee for orders under 100 parts


Premier Promo NOW also provides complimentary Pantone color matching services for USB flash drive orders of 100 or more parts, so if you are ordering in bulk, we will Pantone color match FOR FREE!


Contact us today to get started creating a custom order of branded USB flash drives for your business!