Permanent Uploads

Permanent Data Pre-Loading Services for USB Flash Drives

Pre-load a custom, bulk order of USB flash drives with permanent data for your brand or business in South Florida today!

Premier Promo NOW is a leading supplier of custom USB flash drives in Fort Lauderdale, Sunrise, Plantation, Florida, and anywhere in South Florida your business is located. However, that does not mean that our services stop there.

Our team cannot only expertly craft and design custom USB flash drives for bulk order for your business, but we can also data preload your USB flash drive with permanent uploads to safeguard your most important files and information.

Have a flash drive with very important information that you cannot risk someone deleting? Premier Promo NOW can upload your USB flash drives with data, then lock the files from being deleted.

Even if the information you would like on your USB flash drive is not important, companies of all sizes choose data pre-loading services for USB drives that are permanent, so they can share the files with the entire company and not risk them being removed from the USB.

If you are placing a bulk order of custom USB flash drives and would like each of them loaded with certain files, simply email our team the files and we will load them for you. You can also send us a link to a downloadable file, or send us a CD, DVD, or personal flash drive to convert over to your bulk order or new USB drive. If you are sending the data via email, the download link or FTP should be a .zip folder. Premier Promo NOW will then unzip the folder so we have the exact files needed to permanently upload to your custom USB flash drives.

Files that are typically made permanent are:

– PowerPoint presentations
– Product catalogues
– PDF brochures
– Pictures
– Software
– Company websites
– Videos
– Electronic vouchers

Permanent data pre-loading services for USB flash drives is very beneficial to small businesses that have employees who work remotely or travel constantly, so they can take their work on the go, without removing the company files that originally came with the drive – like company logo to place on all completed print work, company brochures, videos, and electronic vouchers or contracts the company does not wish to be altered. Permanent data-loaded flash drives are also great to use as training tools. Simply give all new employees a pre-loaded USB with everything they need to know and they can pass it on to the next new hire without worrying if they accidentally deleted a training doc or two.

Permanently loading your USB flash drives does not mean that every file has to be locked. You can give each employee of your corporation a loaded USB flash drive with only certain files locked and secured, so they can add and remove their own files, while not disrupting the company files you want set in stone.

Regardless of your use for permanent data on your order of USB flash drives in South Florida, Premier Promo NOW makes the process simple, so you can worry about your business! Contact us today for more information, and if you place an order, we guarantee same or next-day shipping to make your USB order fast and efficient!