Promotional Power Banks FAQs

Promotional Power Banks FAQs

Power Banks: Frequently Asked Questions

Premier Promo Now supplies custom promotional products for numerous brands and businesses, and our promotional power banks raise the following questions:

  1. What can you charge with a power bank?
  • Premier Promo’s power banks can be used to charge your phone, tablet, and other electronic devices. Since power banks do not contain software, there is no need to worry about software compatibility.
  1. Does a higher capacity power bank charge faster than a lower capacity power bank?
  • No, a power bank’s charge speed is determined by the output of charge, not capacity. If output of charge is the same, within one hour, a lower capacity and a higher capacity power bank will provide the same amount of charge. So, what is the difference between a higher capacity power bank and one of lower capacity? Higher capacity power banks will charge more over time.
  1. What are the input and output ports?
  • The input port is used to charge the power bank with a micro USB connector. The output port is used to charge your cell phone, tablet, or other electronic devices using a standard USB connector.
  1. Does the power bank come with a cable?
  • Yes, power banks from Premier Promo Now come with a USB cable that is used only to charge the power bank itself. You may use your own device’s USB cable to charge your device.
  1. Can I use my USB car charger to charge my power bank?
  • Yes, just remember to unplug the power bank before turning on your car. It is possible for some power banks to not withstand the sudden peak of voltage that occurs when you ignite your car.


For more information on our power banks, check out our selection and customize yours with your brand logo today!

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