Thumb Drive vs. USB Drive: What’s the Difference

Thumb Drive vs. USB Drive: What’s the Difference

Premier Promo NOW is a company in Fort Lauderdale, Florida that creates custom promotional products for major brands and local businesses. Although we are not a tech company, we often hear “what is the difference between a thumb drive and a USB flash drive?” and the majority of people have no idea that the two are, in fact, different. So, what is the difference between a thumb drive and a USB drive?

A flash drive is a compact USB memory drive that acts like a portable hard drive. You can store data on it and transfer it from one computer to the next.

USB flash drives hold a great deal of information, up to 1T (terabyte) or 512GB (gigabyte) options are available online.

The difference between thumb drives and flash drives comes from security and protection. Thumb drives come with a protection feature called write protection. This means that the flash drive has a switch on the bottom of the drive that allows it to be locked or unlocked for write access. When it is unlocked, you are able to write data to the thumb drive, but when it is locked, you can only read the data. This helps make sure that you do not delete files from your flash drive.

Both thumb drives and USB flash drives store information the same, whether it be documents, pictures, videos, music, and more. Both are small and portable, and compatible with nearly every desktop computer, laptop, or tablet.

Premier Promo NOW has 8GB to 512MG size USB flash drives that can be custom printed with your business logo and ordered in bulk for your office. Are you a local business in Sunrise, Florida? Order by 1pm and receive next day delivery!

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