Are USB Flash Drives Re-writable?

Are USB Flash Drives Re-writable?

It is important to keep in mind when using USB flash drives, that none of the files are permanent unless you lock them and purposely make them a permanent file on the drive, unable to be deleted. That being said, many people ask if USB flash drives are re-writable or not, and the answer is – yes.

USB flash drives are completely re-writable and you can update the contents on them by simply deleting the files from the drive. USB flash drives are made up of flash memory and data storage devices of the NAND-type, and are integrated with the interface USB, which stands for Universal Serial Bus, hence the name USB Flash Drive.

The storage capacity and type of USB drives is one that makes them easy to alter and change the files that are stored on them, so USB drives are re-writable and files are removable.

Most business professionals, teachers, and students use USB drives to store information or files, and have a means of easily transporting them from one place to another; like from home to school, or work to an off-site meeting. However, some major corporations may need the contents on their USB flash drives to be permanent, in order for mass distribution and protection that no one will alter the file. If you are looking to delete files, it is best to back them up first, just in case.

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